Rudolph Jungi Rudolph Jungi in the 100 square meter gallery in Zurich’s heart of the city.
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When the art déco period started around 1910, the public had enough of the overwhelming Jugendstil and got ready for a more decided style of art. Industry and architecture also developed into a new area of mass production and reduced styling.

Today we are fully aware of the great progress that happened in those years and we are eager to save everything that testimonies that great time. I started in the early 80’s with antiques and we dedicated ourselves just from the beginning to the "Arts décoratifs".

After 15 years of experience in this field we feel quite sure we got the right thing and our little world here turns out to be a splendid centre for every art déco admirer. Only a few months ago we moved to one of the best places in the world for such activity: the Bellevue place in Zurich/Switzerland. As the name says, you have a beautiful view there, especially coming to our shop on Rämistrasse 6. You pass by the Kronenhalle Restaurant where the international clientele uses to dine and you find yourself in front of two large windows leading to the art déco world.

Say hello to the bronze statues looking at you from the left. Watch the lustre on the ceiling and the chandeliers around. Imagine, the thoroughly renovated table of polished rosewood was shining in your home saloon. Step inside and take a seat on a black chair of your preference. Walk around among the furniture and discover any item you might need to accomplish your own interior decoration.

You don’t have to wait, actually, until you come to Zurich to do so: just thumb our virtual gallery and get inspired on the spot! You may also find paintings on the wall and rare parquet timber featuring Mahogany, Rhodesian teak or Canadian maple.

All further informations as well as transportation quotes for all objects currently available are at your disposal. We are pleased to ship your orders to any destination in the world. Just contact our office in Zurich!


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